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Wheels, Deals, and the Birth of an Idea!

1.pngTwo of the earliest inventions known to mankind are the wheel and the sack. It is somewhat baffling that it took thousands of years [until 1970] for someone to figure out that putting wheels ON the sack, would make it easier to move from place to place. After wheeled luggage was finally invented, the limits to how large a suitcase could be, knew no bounds. Large two-wheeled suitcases became even larger four-wheeled suitcases, while at the same time apartment and condominium living became all the rage. Combine these factors with overcrowded garages, cramped cruise cabins and space-starved college dorms, it soon becomes apparent that moving luggage is no longer as big of a problem, as storing it is.

Thus, the stage was set for a diverse group of humans already on a spiritual high after solving some of the modern world's biggest dilemmas: How can we design the perfect cell phone pocket on an already over-accessorized handbag? How can we combine the wallet and the handbag seamlessly? What is the meaning of life? These are just a few of the problems the Chen's from Taiwan and the Hersh's from Brooklyn, have successfully solved. It was only natural that they should be the first to venture into the luggage industry's final frontier... space.

Aftter working tirelessly on behalf of an expectant planet, Biaggi is pleased to announce that we have done it! Four-wheeled luggage that can fold neatly for easy storage is no longer just a hopeful dream. While in use, Biaggi luggage is durable enough to survive the abuse of the most ruthless airport baggage handlers and stylish enough to turn heads wherever you go. After you unpack from your trip, simply fold your bag, store it neatly under a bed or on a shelf, sit back, relax and enjoy the hinge-lock technology.  

The future of your closets, garages and spare bedrooms, has never looked brighter.

We invite you to shop our selection of foldable luggage and super lightweight ZipSak foldable duffles. You are going to LOVE Biaggi luggage when you're traveling...and also when you're not.


Meet Stephen Hersh who Swam with the Sharks

stephen-hersh.jpgHi, I'm Stephen Hersh and I want to thank you for shopping at You may have seen me on Shark Tank Season 6 pitching Biaggi's lines of foldable luggage and ZipSak duffles. Being on Shark Tank was a lot of fun and the opportunity to showcase our unique and innovative products to the "sharks" was a humbling experience. In addition to being successful business people and role models, the sharks were all extremely courteous and are high quality individuals. Before entering the tank, I had no idea what to expect. Would they see the value in Biaggi's space-saving products? Would these wealthy business people who probably have no shortage of living space, appreciate the convenience that our luggage provides to our customers? Would I get an offer? I felt confident that I could hook one of the sharks, but not in my wildest dreams did I think that I'd get two amazing offers. So Biaggi survived the Shark Tank - and now, we've got bigger fish to fry. 

I hope that you join me on this exciting journey, as we continue to take your luggage to places it has never gone before. We will make sure to update this website often, offer discounts and promotions, hold regular contests on Facebook and other social media outlets, and add new and exciting styles and colors to our already stylish and colorful collections. On behalf of everyone here at Biaggi, let me be the first to say... Welcome to the Fold.

What would you like to see us make next? How else will the story unfold? If you have a great idea for Biaggi, I'd love to hear it. Email me at

Safe travels!


Stephen Hersh, Biaggi president & certified shark diver