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Posted by Aneisha McMillan on

NEW YORK, NY (July 27, 2016) –Shark Tank star, Stephen Hersh is rolling out some exciting new products this summer as another ingeniously collapsible product is quickly becoming Biaggi’s best seller! The Zipsak Micro-Fold Shopper Tote is the new slim and sensational innovation that magically transforms from a small pouch into a large zippered tote bag and is simply perfect for everyday errands or long distance travels. When not in use, the Shopper Tote folds back down in an instant making it easy to store, or to even carry as a spare bag. Two handy inner and outer zipped pockets securely hold essential items and the durable shoulder straps make it easy to carry.

The Zipsak Micro-Fold Shopper Tote effortlessly transforms into the perfect shopping bag offering an eco-friendly choice to those dastardlyplastic bags. Since more than 70 percent of the plastic we produce is either put in a landfill or lost to the world’s waterways, the Shopper Tote is the perfect space saving solution to those of us committed to reducing plastic waste.

Whether embarking on the daily grind, heading to the gym, doing the cross town commute or jet-setting around the globe,Biaggi’s new Shopper Tote takes dual functionality and foldability to new horizons.

“We’re rolling out some really great new products this year including our 

new foldable ZipsakBacksak and the new Legeroo foldable spinner suitcase. Just like the Shopper Tote, our other new products offer the same ingenuity and unique design features that we first launched on Shark Tank,” said Stephen Hersh.

Take a journey with the luggage that folds at www.Biaggi.com.

Media Samples: The BiaggiZipsak Micro-Fold Shopper Tote is HERE! Please specify a color for all sample requests!

Interview requests and media inquiries: Aneisha McMillan at aneisha@219Group.com or 910.849.9003